Accounting services

Accounting and bookkeeping

We offer bookkeeping services from primary document processing to report drafting and submitting. We also provide consultations of tax matters, representing clients in the all institutions of tax administration, as well as registering in the register of VAT and register of taxpayers. We can help create or improve yours company’s account management model. Advice can be given verbally and in writing in Lithuanian, Russian and English languages.

The accounting processing includes the following services:

  • Keeping of the primary records;
  • Accounting of staff (payroll accounting, preparation of labour contracts, orders,reference certificates and others);
  • Tax’s declaration for supervisory institutions: State taxman (ST), Sodra, centre of register;
  • Financial reports to directors – profit (loss) statement, balance, account of flow of money, account of company’s consolidation and others;
  • Performance of payment orders for goods and services to suppliers, employees, tax;
  • Billing control, adjustment of suppliers / buyers debts;
  • Representation of the monitoring bodies;
  • Consultations.

If You wish, our accountants can come to you in yours office and prepare, manage allnecessary financial documents. You do not have to waste time to looking for aprofessional and reliable accountant, You won’t have an experience connected withthe accountant’s working place (room, furniture, computer, accounting software,office’s goods and others), you do not need to pay a social insurance and income taxrates. You will pay only for accomplished work!

According to your needs at the best prices we will offer to yours company the mostoptimal and rational decision. Ordering this service with us and it will providestability to yours company and will guarantee not only company’s stability, but alsocorrectness of the financial statements.

Company’s financial analysis and activyties planning

We offer these services:

  • Onetime and/or steady company‘s financial analysis.
  • Analysis of company’s financial position dynamic and its causes.
  • Activities costs and size’s of sales analysis.
  • Analysis of company’s stock and working capital.
  • Analysis of the company’s state property.
  • Analysis of company’s capital intensive profitability.
  • Analysis of financial stability and payment capacity
  • Analysis of the financial structure.
  • Analysis of company’s labour resources.
  • Analysis of profits, its distribution and company’s profitability.
  • Presentation of forecasts and recommendations.
  • Designation and estimation of business strengths, weaknesses and potential risk factors.

Financial planning and organization

We offer these services:

  • Analysis of company‘s financial rates.
  • Company’s results comparison with the same branch companies.
  • Budget’s formation and its control.
  • Cash flow’s formation and its control.
  • Presentation of forecasts and recommendations.