Company‘s liquidation


Liquidation is the completion of a legal entity activity signing it out of the Centre of Registers which stores and saves all the data. In fact, the legal entity may be liquidated by the decision of the owner and shareholders. Since the moment of the decision is taken, the management bodies of the legal entity are cancelled and the functions are taken over by the owner and shareholders’ appointed person, i.e. the liquidator. When the decision is recorded in the Centre of Registers, the legal entity is granted a status of liquidation.

Mes atliksime šias paslaugas:

  • paruošime juridinio asmens savininko sprendimą likviduoti juridinį asmenį;
  • paskelbsime apie šį sprendimą viešai steigimo dokumentuose numatytame dienraštyje bei pranešime visiems juridinio asmens kreditoriams;
  • įregistruosime Juridinių asmenų registre likviduojamos įmonės teisinį statusą;
  • atstovausime Jus archyve bei valstybinėje mokesčių inspekcijoje;
  • išregistruosime įmonę iš Juridinių asmenų registro.

Suspension of company’s

Company’s stoppage is a procedure in which a company may be recognized as a company,which does not do any activities. Such company does not make any deals anddefaulting, also any payment with entities and company does not have any income. Such company may be temporarily exempted from the presentation of tax returnsdeclarations, also such company can refuse a management of accounting and like sostop their activities.

We offer these services:

  • Consultations in matters of company’s activities suspension throughout the allprocedure;
  • Preparation of company’s documents, which are required for the temporary exemptionfrom presentation of tax returns declarations;
  • Representing in the State taxman.

Necessary documents and information:

  • Company’s data (company’s name, code, VAT code, address of company’s residence);
  • Data of company’s director;
  • Number of hired employees;
  • Names and numbers of cash-register, which are on record, but not used forsettlements and also it is registered to responsible store;
  • Company balance sheet for the start time of inactivity;
  • Declarations of taxes for the period from beginning of taxable period until theperiod of inactivity, from which are request suspend.