Financial services

The company formation

We establish the following legal entities of various legal forms:

  • Private limited liability companies or, in other words, Joint Stock Companies (UAB);
  • Individual enterprise (sole proprietorship) (IĮ);
  • Small community enterprise (MB).

Selling of the companies

We sell a newly set up units (private companies), which has not performed any actions. The company purchasing documents are drafted within a day without any additional fees. Actually, it is a solution for whose you wish to obtain a private limited liability company and launch their activity shortly.

The company’s sales package includes:

  • extended extract about the company from Legal entities register
  • prepared foundation document;
  • opened bank account;
  • company’s registration address;
  • formed authorized capital (2 500 EUR or more);
  • a settlement.

We have  new companies, with VAT or without VAT number. Fully prepared for action, with 2 500 EUR  (or more) authorized capital. Companies are registered in Vilnius. New companies have no debts and liabilities.

Šiuo metu parduodamos įmonės:

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Company legal servicing

Our company’s team of lawyers offers a constant legal servicing for companies. Having signed the contract of a constant legal assistance, various and versatile legal aid is provided on the issues of any possible company activity and management:

  • we will represent your company in all public and non-governmental offices,companies and organizations; also in all legal relations with business partners or customers;
  • we will prepare contracts and other legal documents;
  • we will inform you about the laws changes, that are relevant to Your business;
  • we will consult You on all legal matters.

Virtually, it would definitely cost you considerably less in comparison with the employment of a company lawyer under the work contract. In addition to that, you will avoid extra taxes and you will not need to take care of a job position, holidays and sick leaves and etc.

Teisinių paslaugų pobūdį ir kainą aptariame ir suderiname su kiekviena įmone individualiai.

Company data exchange

  • Increase and reduction of the authorized capital
  • Increase of the authorized capital
  • Decrease of the authorized capital
  • Name change of the legal entity
  • Management structures and the change of management body members